Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Full Circle

When I began this blog more than two years ago I used the phrase "mama blanc". I had heard from a fellow adoptive mama this was our name that was given to us by the children. Honestly, even though this is our third trip here I really had never heard it. After the first trip I was considering changing the name, but really why bother?  It still meant "white mama" so it was still fitting. I heard the phrase,"Mama Blanc". Rachel told me the children use it to describe us women coming for them. Apparently, the children had a lively discussion about their mama's this morning. Later, we went to the orphanage, I heard my own little Grace saying,"mama blanc" intermixed in a whole lot of Kreyole. She was talking to her friends and "mama blanc" was all I could pick up. I asked Rachel later what she was saying. Rachel said she was telling he other children I was HER mama blanc and they were not to touch me.   After we left the orphanage, we went for a wonderful lunch. I needed to take Grace potty, and as she sat there seeming to study my face I looked at her and said,"Mama Blanc?" She just smiled and said,"Oui".

In that moment, I had been claimed. I was her mama. Somehow been though we do not speak the same language we knew where we belonged in eachother's lives.  I responded back with a simple,"Oui".

As for Alex, I am mama to him too. I was not allowed to put him down at the orphanage. That was funny too. He wanted to be where the children were in the middle of the action, but safely in my arms where I could hold no one else.

Now, you may be wondering, hmmmm..... How does that work?  Claimed by both children. How will I manage?  Funny thing is, they have claimed one another too. She lovingly patted his knee in the car today and he likes to nap right on top of her. She doesn't mind though.

Somehow God knew these children from two different mountain tops are right where they are supposed to be.... With their siblings from the other end of the world from two different villages in Russia and their parents from plain old USA.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finally...a problem worth enjoying

Until now, our adoption has followed a typical Haitian path. I guess I should clarify, the only thing typical about a Haitian adoption is it is unpredictable. Delays when things seemingly should go easily, speed when things seem impossible, up and down, up and down. In the last two and half years we have been victims of hurricane delays, paperwork snafus and delays that can only be a mysteries that will never be solved.  So, here we sit, on the US side proceeding through the embassy for the last five weeks. Yes, this was supposed to be easy. On to the US with limitless technology, and "superior" systems. Guess what?  Government shutdown. Although the embassy is open for business, they're short staffed and frustrated. Then, Thurs an answer. A paper from three years ago was not signed by us. The fix?  Go to Haiti. Go now.

We learned of our impending trip 24 hours ago. I was able to give immediate notice of my maternity leave, book flights for us, and pack for six people. Now, I sit, head spinning, exhausted and unable to even think about bed. It dawns on me, this little error is driving my children into my arms in approximately 48 hours.  Funny how one error can finally work in your favor. This time I get to keep my children. The paper will represent all that is needed for the visas.

In other news, with great joy we will show our boys Haiti. I am interested to see what they say about seeing an actual orphanage. They both came from Russian orphanages. What will they think about when they see the children?  What will they think about seeing poverty?  Will they notice smiling people who have nothing?  What will their view of life be after this?  So many questions. I have dreamed of all these things for two years and it is finally time for the answers. I have a feeling this blog is gonna get a whole lot more interesting!