Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mount St. Haiti

Superstitions. I think if you asked any waiting adoptive mothers they would admit to a superstition or two. Something we will or won't do convinced that by doing these , truth be told, mundane activities somehow there will be a profound attempt on our adoptions. For example, one waiting mama friend will not paint her child's room until a travel date is set in stone. I, too, suffer from superstitions.  There I said it. I have a small gathering, OK, more like a piling of things for Haiti and the babies. It occupies a corner of my bedroom. Now that I really examine it, it has become a rather large pile that I have affectionately termed to myself,"Mount St. Haiti".

This pile began over two years ago. After our first trip, I left our large duffel there. It had stuff for the babies in it from our first trip. There were toys, diapers, wipes etc...  Before our second trip 13 months ago, I got it all reorganized and repacked. When we returned home, it went back to its usual spot in the corner. Over the last thirteen months I have gathered all kinds of things that have added to the pile.  There are bags with nanny gifts, more toys, Christmas presents for the babies that are unopened, baby clothes, and I am sure much more.  The purchases remain in their bags.  The pile is ever growing. In case you were wondering, yes, we do clean and dust our bedroom, careful not to disturb the pile. I must admit this is superstitious on my part, and yes, we could probably feature this corner on a Sunday night on an episode of "Hoarders".

In my own defense though I must admit there is more to this than superstition. It is a fear. I spent months with long lists of things to do. I had painting, furniture to buy, house rearranging, all kinds of things. I had lists and errands and endless work. Now, here it is. Down to one pile. Mount St. Haiti. Somehow if I get this done and they are not here I will be at a loss.

So, this week we are anticipating good news from the US Embassy. That would be that they have all the evidence they need to issue Visa appointments for my babies. Once I hear that, Mount St. Haiti will become a distant memory and replaced with all new memories or our new family.

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