Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Weary.  Yes that is definitely the word. I guess I have been hesitating to write a new entry as I somehow thought I would have this explosive exciting adoption news. It was going to be an entry that came off like fireworks with an amazing celebration that spread to all our friends and family. The reality is, no, I do not have one of these. We are still waiting. Now we have passports and are waiting on translations to be done so we can get submitted to the US Embassy for a visa. In true adoption form our translator had surgery. We a waiting for her to recover enough to do the translations. This is an unforeseen delay and one that is quite reasonable. People get sick, people have surgery. Just victims of circumstance is all. My logical brain gets this. However, combine it with the ever changing government causing delays, the hurricane delays, the birth certificate error and the multitude of other things that have slowed things down I find myself simply weary.

So, today I have decided to throw away the pity party and try a pick me up for the whole clan. W are celebrating. I decided there really is no reason to wait for fireworks and excitement. We need to listen to the Brother Charlie song,"Times Like These". Yes, my husband is in the band, but no this is not a shameless plug. The song says,"times like these I feel I should praise The Lord."  So, at a time like this, we are praising. In my typical culinary fashion we are praising with salami and provolone calzones from scratch and chocolate cake. Praises we are here and healthy. Praises that although Jack totaled the car two weeks ago, they are ok, and yes even praises for our adoption process and a coordinator that never gives up on our case. A lady who has fought hard through this process and loved our children every minute. Yes, praises for her. Now that we discuss it over cake, there is lots to be thankful for in the midst of the difficulties. We may just be a little thankful for chocolate too....:)

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